From version 1.00.32 a command line tool is installed in the C:\SPORTSYS\SwimTools\App diectory.

This tool is only available to install when installing Swim Tools Desktop and not a seperate download.

This is used to extract the data from your Sport System directory , currently only the accepted entries, further funcionality will be added in later versions.

This tool can be used standalone to extract data to CSV, it usage is as follows – Sport Systems to CSV Tool v.0.3

         Usage: -t=AE              - Processes Accepted Entries

         Usage: -d=directory path  - Specifies Meet Directory
                -o=directory path  - Specifies Output Directory

for example:

sstocsv -t=AE -d=”c:\sportsys\ssmeet\meets\fameet23″ -o=”c:\sportsys\ssmeet\meets\fameet23\reports”

Would extract the accepted entries from FAMEET23 to c:\sportsys\ssmeet\meets\fameet23\report directory in CSV format.

3 seprate CSV files would be created

Entries.CSV – Swimmer Entries
Swimmers.CSV – List of Swimmers
Clubs.CSV – List of Clubs

Remember to run the accepted entries report in Meet Organisation before running the tool. (xxxxMEET_EntAcc_CNE.txt)